Top 50 Things To Do In London This Christmas

I still can’t believe that Christmas is NEXT MONTH. Every year the year seems to fly by, and I’m always totally shocked by the time November arrives. Christmas in London is truly one of the best experiences you can have, everywhere you go is so festive, and there are so many things to do, see, and eat, that the days flash past and before you know it it’s Christmas Day! So, here are my top 50 things to do in London this Christmas…

top 50 things to do in london at christmas

  1. Walk through Burlington Arcade and see the pretty decorations
  2. Treat yourself to a festive afternoon tea
  3. Go ice-skating at one of the outdoor ice rinks
  4. Walk up Old Bond Street to Oxford Street, then down Oxford Street to Regent Street
  5. Have a Christmas-themed cocktail at one of London’s cosiest bars
  6. Drink mulled wine
  7. Watch a Pantomime at one of the theatres
  8. Visit Harry Potter World at Christmas time
  9. Go to a pub and eat pie and mash covered in gravy
  10. Head to Winter Wonderland and go on all the rides
  11. Buy seasonal gifts and produce at Borough Market
  12. Wander the Harrods food hall and see all the decorations
  13. See The Nutcracker at the Royal Opera House
  14. Go to one of London’s winter rooftop pop-up bars
  15. See the Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square
  16. Wander around Covent Garden and look at the pretty decorations
  17. Have a drink with friends in Gordon’s Wine Bar
  18. See a movie at Electric Cinema in Notting Hill
  19. Go to Greenwich Wintertime Festival
  20. Take a day trip out to a National Trust property in the countryside (Polesdon Lacey is my fave)
  21. Visit a Christmas market
  22. Attend a carol service (the St Mary and The Boltons one is beautiful)
  23. Watch the switching on of the Christmas lights
  24. See the decorations at Liberty
  25. Take the kids (or nieces/nephews/god-children) to see Santa at Harrods
  26. Watch Christmas movies
  27. Drink a Christmassy flavoured hot chocolate (Pret and Starbucks do these)
  28. Stroll along Southbank and get some hot chestnuts to eat
  29. Go to a Christmas concert at the Royal Albert Hall
  30. Eat Meatliquor’s Christmas Special Burger
  31. Volunteer with a charity
  32. Organise a Christmas drinks gathering/party
  33. Eat a Pret Christmas Sandwich
  34. Go to one of London’s fancy hotels for fancy Christmas cocktails
  35. Oogle at the Fortnum & Mason Christmas window displays
  36. Go to the pub with friends and sit by the fireplace
  37. Wear a Christmas Jumper
  38. Go and see the Christmas lights on the houses in your neighbourhood
  39. Buy Christmas Pyjamas
  40. Try one of the Christmas cupcakes from Lola’s Cupcakes
  41. See the Carnaby Street Christmas lights
  42. Eat a Mince Pie
  43. Go to church for the Christmas Eve service
  44. Read ‘The Night Before Christmas’
  45. Make Christmas cocktails
  46. Play a game of charades with your family/friends
  47. Eat a full Christmas dinner with ALL the trimmings
  48. Watch the Queen’s Speech
  49. Go for a Christmas Day walk on Hampstead Heath
  50. Take a Christmas afternoon nap after eating ALL the food


What’s your favourite thing about Christmas in London?



The Top 50 things to do in London at Christmas


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  • This has made me feel so nostalgic for London Christmasses! x

    • Sameeee, I’m SO excited to be back home in London this Christmas after my Aussie one last year!

      C x