50 Reasons Being An Adult Is Awesome

I’ve always been a very nostalgic person. I’m one of those people who looks back on what I was doing x amount of years ago and just thinks ‘aww, I miss those days’ or ‘aw, I remember that like it was yesterday! Why does time go so quick!’ or ‘Omg I’m so old now!!’, and then I just feel sad.

But today, for the first time ever, I actually thought ‘Sheesh I’m glad I’m an adult now!’. A number of things over the past few weeks have contributed to this sudden epiphany, but I thought it would be fun to list them all. And kids, if you’re under the age of 18 and scared of growing up like I was…trust me, it. is. AWESOME.

reasons being an adult is the best

50 Reasons Being An Adult is Awesome…

  1. You don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to do anything
  2. Like, you can just walk into McDonald’s whenever you want and buy a 50c cone
  3. Or walk into Krispy Kreme and buy a donut without having to ask your mum first
  4. You can buy half of Zara and only have your online bank statement to answer to
  5. And when you move out you can buy ALL THE CUTE THINGS at Zara Home
  6. You can have a floordrobe and not get shouted at for it
  7. But for some reason you will actually want to clean your room as you get older, which is nice and really quite satisfying
  8. You don’t have to do homework, but sometimes you might have to work from home – but this is mostly procrastinating on Facebook and Twitter
  9. Depending on your career path, you may never have to do exams…like, ever again
  10. In fact, there’s generally just no more stress about exams, school, mean teachers, and bullies
  11. If you’re bullied at school, I promise you your adult life will be 100% better than school life (especially if you work hard and score your dream job)
  12. If you’re feeling sick you can just tell your boss you need to go home – no more asking/begging a teacher
  13. And when you’re on your period you can take codeine and feel that beautiful woozy feeling as the pain just drifts away
  14. And also when you’re on your period you don’t have to struggle through school pretending you’re totally fine when actually plain paracetamol ain’t cutting it and you’re about to pass out and vomit at the same time
  15. Instead of struggling through school, you can stay home from work and just tell your male boss you have a migraine, which is basically international male code for “my womb is exploding” – except when you actually do have a migraine, which sucks way more than your period
  16. You can drink all the delish sounding cocktails on the menu and not have to stick to the boring mocktails
  17. And you can also walk into a pub and order drink without having to eat a meal with it
  18. If you feel like watching Netflix all weekend, or going out partying all weekend, you can do so without judgement or nagging
  19. You no longer have to sneak out of the house when everyone’s asleep to meet up with your boyfriend
  20. You can have your boyfriend over and not have silent awkward sex
  21. In fact, you can bring any guy home and not have silent awkward sex
  22. Also, as an adult you get to have far better sex than when you’re young and new to it all, and it’s pretty great
  23. Except for when it’s bad. But when it’s bad you can tell the guy to leave and not feel guilty
  24. Also, when you’re an adult you learn who matters and who doesn’t, and knowing who to spend your valuable time on is also pretty great
  25. You appreciate your parents more as an adult, and you genuinely cherish every moment you have with them
  26. Except when you argue, because you do still argue. But sometimes you win now, which is nice
  27. As an adult you get to take your Nan out for lunch and discuss her latest health issue, which sounds bad but actually you really appreciate just spending time with her
  28. Oh, also you can wear things your Dad would NEVER approve of and not have to run out the house to avoid him getting mad at you, which is always fun
  29. If you’re feeling rubbish or having a rubbish day you can eat brownies and ice-cream for dinner and your housemate will just say ‘ugh I’m so jealous’, instead of shouting at you like your mum would (true story)
  30. You can do spontaneous things like drive 3 hours to a pub you like with friends, or go to a cray cray house party, or get on the train and go to Paris for the day
  31. In fact you can pretty much book a holiday whenever you want, and to wherever you want, instead of having to beg your parents to take you to Disney World instead of camping in South Wales
  32. You can go to Disney World and go on ALL the rides and drink ALL the alcohol at Epcot
  33. You can also order takeaway pizza and not have to hide the boxes
  34. AND, as an adult when you get a job, each month a chunk of money lands in your bank account and it’s 100% better than the feeling of your mum giving you your measly £10 monthly allowance that would disappear within a weekend
  35. Basically instead of going to school for free, you go to work and do less work than you did in school but get paid for it
  36. Sometimes you might have to work over-time though and stay late, but when this happens you and your colleagues buy loads of sweets/lollies and naughty food and have a feast in the office, so it’s actually kinda fun
  37. When you have a job, you also get paid to go on holiday…like, you’ll be sat on the beach and you’ll STILL get paid the same amount that month
  38. You can go out for one cocktail with friends and then all of a sudden it’s 5am and you’re stumbling out of a nightclub, reminiscing about the times you would have to text your parents at 10pm to let them know you were on your way home from Slug & Lettuce
  39. You can DRIVE. And go on ROADTRIPS, which are basically the best thing ever
  40. And you can stop off at Burger King at the service stop instead of eating the cheese sandwich your mum packed for the journey
  41. Not being forced to make your bed – sometimes you’ll do it, but mostly you won’t
  42. Being able to have a house party whenever you want (you might have to ask your housemates first though)
  43. Waking up whenever you want on the weekends; sometimes it will be 9am and you’ll go to the gym, other times it will be 2pm and you’ll order Uber Eats
  44. When you go on holiday you can sit in the pool at the pool bar drinking Pina Coladas, instead of being forced to go to a kids club
  45. You can choose what food to put in your fridge, surprisingly my fridge is actually far healthier than my mum’s
  46. When you do go home to see your parents, they’ll cook your favourite foods for you
  47. This means you’ll never have to eat that weird gross fish pie again, because you’ll only get the sweet sweet lasagne or full roast dinner every time you go home
  48. You’re no longer forced to go to church every Sunday, and can now go when you actually want to go and this actually makes you fall back in love with your faith (or ya know, you can not go if that’s not your thing)
  49. You can have an entire drawer full of handbags and no one to say ‘you need to have a clear out before you buy another one’
  50. You can buy a PUPPY (or, ya know, a kitten), without having to beg your parents for 5 years


There’s no doubt being an adult is pretty darn awesome, but one of the suckiest things is missing your family and seeing them so regularly, especially if you now live over the other side of the world. When you move out you realize just how much you love and appreciate them, and visits home are always bittersweet.

Also there are obvs bad sides to being an adult, like having to do your own washing, cleaning the bathroom, and spending your hard earned wages on bills and rent. But apart from that, it’s pretty great!

Tell me, what would you add to this list? What’s your fave part of being an adult?



Too often people think being a carefree child is the best, but here are 50 reasons why being an adult is AWESOME. From eating as many donuts as you like, to having a floordrobe sans judgement.