5 Things You Need To Eat At Sydney’s Night Noodle Markets 2017

Sydney’s Night Noodle Markets are back until 22nd October, and I’ve done some vital research (aka, eating all the food) to let you guys know which foods you HAVE to try! From the fluffiest bao’s to mouthwatering lobster, and oh my days dat Watermelon Cake. H.E.A.V.E.N.

1. Cloud Thief Bao

Cloud Thief is a new pop-up stall from the guys behind now closed down Bao Stop. Serving up bao buns as light as clouds, these fluffy pillows are filled with pulled pork, duck, and fried chicken nestled within. Get the ‘Old School Trifecta’ option 😉 (you’ll see what I’m talking about when you get there)


2. Waterman’s lobster

Despite the excessive price and small portion size of these ($20 for two tiny brioche buns), they are well worth it. The fresh lobster is coasted in browned butter and chives, and I just wanted more!


3. Puffle

Essentially this is the dreamiest food stall dish you’ll probs ever try. A waffle cone – get this – made with CHEESE. Get the Korean marinated bulgogi beef and Philly cheesesteak and you will have zero regrets about your decision (unless you’re vegan, in which case steer clear).


4. Black Star Pastry Watermelon Cake

Black Star Pastry’s famous Watermelon Cake is renowned in Sydney for a reason. The flavour mix of cream, pastry, watermelon, strawberry, and a hint of rose water makes for a refreshing yet moreish combination. You simply can’t leave the Night Noodle Markets without trying this!


5. Chat Thai Mango Sticky Rice

Although known for their pad thai, you really need to get the Mango Sticky Rice from Chat Thai. Not quite as delicious as the original from the Chiang Mai street markets, but still mightily delish and worth that extra hit of carbs!

Have you been to the night noodle markets? What’s your fave dish?