5 Sunscreen Brands For Sensitive Skin This Summer

Here in Sydney it’s the beginning of November, which means it’s just one month until summer is finally here! YAY. Unfortunately the arrival of summer and the beautiful sunshine, also means beach days full of splashing about in the water and getting sunburnt a little too often. With 1 in 3 Australians getting skin cancer at some point in their life, it’s really important to top up on your sunscreen every hour to ensure you’re skin is constantly protected. And if you desperately want tanned skin? Well, Bondi Sands is there for that.

Personally I try to use products that are as gentle as possible on my sensitive skin, and so I thought I’d do a round-up of my top 5 sunscreen brands for sensitive skin. Obviously the best way to protect your skin without piling chemicals onto it, is to wear loose light clothing that completely covers you, along with a broad-brimmed hat. But that isn’t always possible, especially when you’re swimming and jumping off boats in Sydney Harbour. So let’s take a look at which suncream brands for sensitive skin come recommended…


MooGoo – $19.90 / £15.00

I use MooGoo products a lot, and their suncream is another amazing product from them. With an SPF 40 it has a high level of protection, a non-greasy forumale, and is suitable for both adults and kids.

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Wotnot – $29

Wotnot is one of the leading natural sunscreen brands in Australia, and all of their products are GMO free, and free from sulphates, petrochemicals, parabens, artificial preservatives and fragrances.

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Ultrasun – $42 / £25

I’ve been using Ultrasun products for years and LOVE them. They’re gentle on my sensitive skin, and offer a really high level of protection from the sun.

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Jurlique – $50 / £27

The Jurlique sunscreen is a high protective sunscreen for the face and body. Jurlique products are super gentle on the skin, and they always smell totally delicious too!

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Antipodes – $45 / £29

Antipodes is one of Australia’s most popular organic skincare brands, and their fantastic face sunscreen has SPF 15 and is a moisturiser too, so you get two in one!

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Most of the above brands use Zinc Oxide in their sunscreen products to reflect the suns UV rays away from the skin, rather than loading their products up with chemicals that protect the skin as the UV rays hit the skin. Zinc Oxide is suitable for sensitive skin and – from what I understand – is classed as an organic ingredient. Remember to reapply every hour if you’re in the water, and every 2 hours if you stay dry. It’s really important to do this to prevent burning! Also remember to add sunscreen to your hair parting line if you don’t like wearing a hat 😉


Top 5 sunscreen brands for sensitive skin this summer


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